Greener Future

At PPS, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to a greener future. Through a series of initiatives and investments, we are actively working towards a more sustainable operation. Here's how:


Zero Emission Deliveries

Clean deliveries, clean conscience.

Over 10,000 emission-free deliveries annually.

We've embraced the shift towards electric vehicles by integrating electric vans into our delivery fleet. Each year, we proudly accomplish over 10,000 zero emission deliveries, with plans to increase this number in the coming years. 


Digital Delivery Notes

Go green, go digital.

Say goodbye to paper waste!

We've eliminated the use of traditional paper delivery notes by transitioning to digital ones. Not only does this reduce our paper consumption, but it also streamlines our processes for a more efficient workflow.


Optimised Delivery Routes

Greener routes, less miles.

Most efficient route, every time.

With the implementation of cutting-edge delivery software, we've optimised our routes to maximise efficiency and reduce unnecessary mileage. By streamlining our operations, we not only save time and resources but also decrease our carbon footprint.


Sustainable Product Range

Conscious choices, cleaner environment.

Reducing environmental impact.

Discover our commitment to sustainability through our range of eco-friendly cleaning and catering chemicals. Additionally, we offer recyclable and compostable catering disposables to help reduce environmental impact.

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