Terms & Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE for www.ppsupplies.com

Any transaction entered into by ‘The Customer’ with Professional Paper Supplies Limited, England
(herein after referred to as ‘The Company’) shall be governed by the laws of England and carried out
subject to the conditions stated below.

1. Prices
The Company reserves the right to amend any of their prices without prior notice. Orders placed with
The Company are accepted on the condition that goods will be invoiced at the prices ruling at the date
of delivery.

2. Value Added Tax
All orders for goods and/or services are subject to the current rate of VAT on net invoice value. The
date of invoice is the tax point for VAT.

3. Payment
Where accounts for goods and/or services have been approved for credit, payment for goods and/or
services become due either 30 days after the end of month of invoice, on receipt of statement or within 7
days of receipt of statement, dependant on terms agreed. New customers are strictly cash on delivery and
large orders will be on a pro forma basis. The company reserves the right to charge interest on overdue

4. Ownership of the Goods
The risk in the goods passes to The Customer upon delivery, but title of the goods remains that of The
Company until payment has been made in full by The Customer.

5. Non-delivery or Short Delivery
Non-delivery must be notified to The Company in writing within 7 days of date of invoice, quoting
invoice number. Shortages must be notified within 3 days of receipt of the original consignment.
Claims made beyond these limits will not be accepted.

6. Return of Goods
Goods returned for credit must be in ‘as new’ condition and agreement with The Company must have
been gained. Where goods have been supplied in accordance with the instructions of The Customer
then The Company reserves the right to apply a handling charge of 10% of the invoiced value.